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Captivate Coaching provides bespoke training to suit your needs.


Are you a leader in your workplace or community wanting to have greater gravitas and presence when you speak?
Does your team need help to be more confident, powerful speakers?


Have your  teaching staff ever been given training to help them protect their constantly used voices?


Have you been trained in how to help pupils use their voices to be clear, confident, expressive speakers?


Do your teachers or lawyers in training get taught how to use their voice healthily and powerfully?

Allowing yourself to be heard takes courage and commitment

Captivate Coaching provides

  • Individual vocal assessment and one on one tailored coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Assessment and coaching for real life presentations
Workshops require 2 hr min
Ideal number for practical workshops is 8-10 but we can accommodate 20 providing there is space to stand and move.
We require a space where we are free to make sound.